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Foshan Zhelu Trading Co., Ltd. is an export enterprise in the aluminum casting and extrusion industry for more than 20 years, and is also a manufacturer of aluminum casting and extrusion consumable materials. It mainly produces aluminum refining flux, drossing flux, ceramic foam filter plates, aluminum silicate stopper cone, aluminum titanium boron wires, castables, felt sleeves and felt belts and other consumables. More importantly, our company as an aluminum plant service company, to help many overseas enterprises to build a new aluminum ingot / aluminum billet production line, aluminum profile production line, powder coating production line and anodizing production line, with the most professional technology and high-quality products to win the trust and support of all aluminum plants, we have a professional installation engineering team and the most thoughtful commissioning services, to help the new aluminum plant quickly put into production and generate income, our ultimate goal is to let each aluminum plant can obtain their own profit stably and efficiently. Aluminum Extruder, How To Build A Melting Furnace, Billet Heating Furnace, Net Shapes Inc,Flux For Aluminum Melting. Aluminum casting process: The recycled aluminum scrap is to be heated and melted in an aluminum melting furnace,add with pure aluminum ingot, with refining flux and dross flux, the impurities will be removed, Then silicon and magnesium will be put into molten aluminum ,After flowing into launder and filter box,the molten aluminum finally reach the ingot casting line, with stacking robot, aluminum ingot will be stacked and packaging. While aluminium billet is another casting equipment, molten aluminum flows into Hot top casting plate, after cooling and Lifting and lowering of pallets, the billet will be made under the plate, then aluminum billet is hoisted out by the crane and enters the homogenization furnace, finally cut by saw. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Cape Town, Afghanistan,Colombia, Sevilla.Foshan Zhelu has successfully developed 6 series aluminum alloy profile products with high strength and high corrosion resistance, which can be used in ships and other fields.

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