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Aluminum Silicate Products For Aluminum Casting

Product Features

1. Low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, good thermal insulation performance

2. Excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, good electrical insulation

3. Good sound insulation performance and mechanical strength

4. Excellent elasticity and flexibility, easy to process and install

5. Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance

6. Asbestos free

Product Detail

Product Tags


Product Standard Specifications:

Blanket: Density: 96, 128, 160Kg/m3

Dimensions: 7200x600x6.

ceramic fiber paper

Product Description

Ceramic fiber paper uses ceramic fiber as the main raw material and is made by wet forming process. The thickness of the ceramic fiber paper is uniform, the surface is smooth, and the flexibility is good. It can be further processed into products of various sizes by shearing or punching.



Filling, sealing and heat insulation in high temperature environment (kiln car, pipe, kiln door, etc.)

Fiber composites (e.g. friction linings)

Various industrial furnace linings (hot surface and backing)

Building fire protection, sound-absorbing

high temperature filter material

Raw materials for deep processing products



Insulation gasket

Insulation material for electric heating appliances

Car mufflers, sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials for exhaust pipes

high temperature filter material

Asbestos Paper Alternatives

High temperature kiln, heating device wall lining

Kiln masonry, kiln doors, roof seals

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