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Refining Flux For Aluminium Melting

Description: In aluminum melting and casting system, there are a aluminium refining flux (also called refining fluxes and efficiend Refining Flux) which has the ability to efficiently remove the aluminum slag, inclusions and gases in the aluminum liquid, greatly improving the quality of aluminum alloy products. and just 1/4-1/2 the amount of traditional refining flux. No fumes, no harmful gases. Regular use can effectively dissolve the aluminum slag at the bottom of the furnace, keep the furnace clean, and improve the utilization rate of metals. 2kg/bag, 20kg/carton.



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Refining flux includes : normal refining flux, efficiend refining flux and non fumes refining flux

Non fumes refining flux
A.Performance characteristics:

1. This product has the ability to efficiently remove the inclusions and gases in the molten aluminum, and the molten aluminum is purer after use, thereby greatly improving the quality of aluminum alloy products.

2. The use amount of this product is small, which is 1/4~1/2 of the traditional refining agent, and will not increase the use cost.

3. This product is a fumes and environmentally friendly high-efficiency refining agent launched according to the national environmental protection requirements.


B. How to use, use temperature and dosage:

1. Method of use: The refining process involves carefully controlling the temperature and composition of the molten aluminum to optimize the effectiveness of the aluminum refining agent. As the impurities react with the flux, they form compounds that have higher melting points than the molten aluminum. Consequently, these compounds sink to the bottom of the crucible or float to the top as dross, making it easier to separate them from the purified aluminum.

Inert gas injection method: use the refining tank to spray the refining agent powder into the furnace, the injection speed should be strictly controlled, not too fast,
If it is too fast, the refining effect will be deteriorated. The injection speed should be controlled at a quarter of the traditional speed. After spraying and playing, stir evenly, and let it stand for about 10 minutes before removing the slag.

2. Operating temperature: 700℃~750℃. Smoke is produced when the temperature is too high.

3. The amount of this product added: 0.05-0.12% of the amount of aluminum to be treated.

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