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Foshan Zhelu has the most advanced aluminum extrusion process in China, as a service company or solution company, we can help any aluminum plant to solve the current problems, or provide the most complete product service, we can give China's most advanced casting and extrusion process. Aluminum Extrusion Machinery, Anodizing Chemicals, Jobs In Graham Nc, Melting Block,Extrusion Alu. Foshan Zhelu Trading Co., Ltd. has the most complete product supply chain in the aluminum melting and casting industry, whether it is large-scale aluminum melting equipment, casting machines, or degassing agent slag remover, Foshan Zhelu can perfectly solve customer needs. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Barcelona, Sri Lanka,Panama, Germany.Under the action of pressure, the heated aluminum rod is divided into several metal flows, enters the welding chamber through the shunt hole, collects in the welding chamber, and is welded again in the environment of high temperature, high pressure and high vacuum, and finally flows out through the gap between the mold core and the die hole, so as to form a pipe or hollow aluminum profile that meets the size and performance requirements, as an aluminum door and window profile or industrial aluminum profile. If bending is required, a bending tool is added to the rear device.

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