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Zhelu-Develop in cooperation and be responsible for every customer

Foshan Zhelu Metallurgical New Materials Co.,Ltd. is mainly engaged in aluminum industry melting and casting equipment, aluminum profile production line equipment and consumables used in all processes. We have more than ten years experience in the industry and have the ability to solve any problem in every process of casting or extrusion plant.


In October, the company develop a strategy to use Central Asian countries as overseas markets, all the stuff thoroughly implement the company's strategy, actively develop customers and Invite customers to visit the factory. Through the efforts of employees, Between November and December, two powerful companies from Tajikistan and Kazakhstan were invited to visit the company and initially reach strategic cooperation.


In November,27,2023. The Tajikistan client come to our company to visit and discuss the cooperation, The client also affirmed the company's strength and put forward preliminary requirements for cooperation in 2024.


In December,29,2023. Customers from Kazakhstan were invited to visit the factory and discuss cooperation. They visited the extrusion factory accompanied by our boss and colleagues, affirmed the company's strength, and signed a contract to officially enter into cooperation.


The cases of these two customers show the execution and strength of Zhelu Metallurgical New Materials Co.,Ltd. and also represent the success of the company's strategy. At the same time, we also learned about the needs and industrial conditions of Central Asian countries through our customers, which laid a good foundation for us to enter the Central Asian market in the future. After so many years of industrial accumulation, what we sell is not just the equipment itself, but a complete set of solutions that can meet the production needs of customers, even if their company only has a vacant land to build a factory. We can build for them all processes from aluminum melting furnaces, billet casting lines, aluminum extrusion lines, powder coating or anodizing lines, to final aluminum profile packaging. We will definitely win the recognition of customers with practical actions and high quality of products.

Post time: Jan-20-2024