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Congratulations! Zhelu Company’s last order before Chinese spring festival

Before the Chinese spring festival, Zhelu Company exported its last equipment order for an aluminum recycling production line. Zhelu Company’s previous market strategy in Central Asia attracted batches of powerful manufacturers from Central Asia to visit the factory and cooperate. .Zhelu Company's professional team and strong strength focus on solving problems encountered by customers in actual production, such as optimizing customers' production lines so that they can increase production and save more costs in a year, or integrate China Aluminum's new Technology and new equipment are provided to customers to allow customers to achieve better benefits, etc. It is precisely because of the professionalism and pragmatism of the Zhelu team that we can gain the favor and trust of our customers and export more high-quality, high-efficiency products. While delivering products, our master workers will go to the customer's factory to help the customer install the equipment and ensure that the task is completed on time, ensuring that it will not affect the customer's production schedule. At the same time, Zhelu Company will also dispatch engineers to the customer's factory to provide on-site guidance on the equipment. Operate until the customer is completely familiar with the product and learns to use it. Providing high-quality products and being responsible to customers is our work attitude and the basis for our development.

The aluminum recycling production line exported to Central Asia this time is equipment recommended by us after we discovered the problems customers encountered in the production process related to aluminum ash recycling during conversations with customers. It is also specially customized according to the customer's production capacity and needs. of. The purpose is to save costs and improve efficiency. Our solution has also been recognized by customers. After consideration, customers place orders in time so that they can be put into use faster in the coming year without affecting the factory's production plan and seizing market opportunities.
Aluminum slag recycling production line, including aluminum slag separator, aluminum slag cooler, ball mill screening machine. It can help you greatly increase the aluminum recycling rate by more than 90%. Moreover, the aluminum ash passing through the aluminum recycling production line will be automatically separated into coarse ash, medium ash and fine ash, which can be sold or returned to the furnace for smelting respectively, maximizing the use of resources and improving efficiency.



Post time: Jan-26-2024