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Drossing Flux For Aluminium Molten Furnace Casting

Drossing agent Instructions: In aluminum melting and casting system, Zhelu’s high-quality dross off flux has excellent aluminum slag separability, separate the slag in the aluminum and make it agglomerate. After the flux is sprayed into the aluminum melt, there will be oxidation inclusions floating and gas precipitation, forming a viscous wet slag on the surface of the aluminum liquid.It is suitable for slag cleaning and waste heat smelting of aluminum and aluminum alloy melts. It can also be used for furnace cleaning. 2kg/bag, 20kg/carton.



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Formulation technology of drossing flux for aluminum alloy smelting

1.Technical introduction: When aluminum or aluminum alloy is melted or refined in furnace, a lot of scum is produced, and when mixed with aluminum, more scum is produced. The scum is easy to stick to form a block, absorb a large amount of molten aluminum, and it is difficult to operate when removing the slag, and a large amount of molten aluminum is taken away, resulting in losses. After using flux likes drossing flux and refining flux, this is high-Quality Aluminum Dross Flux Solutions.

2.Product features and usage:
a.Change the composition and properties of the slag, so that the scum is loose and easy to clean and scrape out.
b.Remove the oxide and inclusions in the molten aluminum, clean the slag thoroughly, and clean the molten aluminum to ensure the quality of the castings.

3.The slag is loose, which can significantly reduce the loss of molten aluminum, which can reduce the loss of molten aluminum by 0.3 to 0.5 kg per ton.

Usage Amount

1.Use in the furnace: According to the smelting and doping of aluminum alloy, the general dosage is 0.1-0.3% of the weight of the molten aluminum (that is, adding 1-3 kg of drossing flux per ton of molten aluminum).

2.Use outside the furnace: The aluminum slag removed from the furnace can be heated by a drossing flux or aluminum dross ash separator to achieve a good separation effect of the aluminum slag.

3.Application areas, market prospects and industrialized production conditions: It is mainly used for smelting pure aluminum, aluminum alloy and recycled aluminum, to remove the surface dross inside the molten aluminum, and to absorb the inclusions near the surface layer, and it can also be used for frying slag. It is one of the purification fluxes that must be used in the smelting of aluminum and aluminum alloys. The market demand is large and the application prospect is broad. The drossing flux widely use in factory production, but some small workshop also used in crucible in order to save cost, they use crucible to achieve the slag-aluminum separability. The production equipment and process of aluminum drossing flux are relatively simple, mainly drying furnace, crushing equipment, stirring and mixing equipment, and simple packaging equipment. The equipment investment is small, and the production process is easy to master.


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