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The company was born in Dali, the first town of aluminum in China, which is also a famous town of non-ferrous metals in China, and has more than 1,500 aluminum enterprises so far. Aluminium Extruder Machine, Hydraulic Oil Cooling System, Refractory Plates, Aluminum Scrap Melting Furnace,Casting Crystallizer. Extrusion process: The Billets are to be heated and cut to short before entering the extrusion press machine Extrusion ram push the short aluminum billet into container and through the extrusion die. Then aluminum profile comes out, and pulled by the puller tractor, conveyed on cooling table,heated by aging furnace. Finally through surface treatment such as powder coating or anodizing, the aluminum profile product is finished. The product will supply to all over the world, such as Europe, America, Australia,Argentina, Porto,Barbados, azerbaijan.Aluminum extrusion molding (or aluminum extrusion) is a plastic working method that applies strong pressure to the aluminum billet placed in the mold cavity (or extrusion cylinder), forcing the aluminum billet to produce directional plastic deformation and extrude from the die hole of the extrusion mold, so as to obtain the required cross-sectional shape, size and certain mechanical properties of the parts or semi-finished products.

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